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Our Story

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In the world of entrepreneurship and industry, some stories stand out as remarkable examples of determination, innovation, and success. The story of Mr. Liu Jun and Mingzhu Wood Company is one such tale that has captivated the business world.
A Humble Beginning in 1993
It all began in 1993 when Mr. Liu Jun embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. Armed with self-made equipment, he ventured into the world of chipboard production. This marked the inception of what would later become Mingzhu Wood Company. Liu Jun's vision was clear from the start - to establish himself as a plywood maker in the Linyi region.
By the year 2000, Liu Jun's vision took a significant step forward with the official establishment of Hongda Wood Company. With just 1,500 US dollars and a team of 45 workers, they began producing polyboards. This marked a crucial phase in their journey.

Transformation into Mingzhu Wood Company (2003)
In 2003, Hongda Wood Company underwent a transformation and was reborn as Mingzhu Wood Company. This transformation came with a new focus: the production of laminated high-end plywood. It was during this period that Mingzhu Wood Company achieved a significant milestone - all of its products found buyers in the United States of America. This achievement set them on a path to becoming one of the earliest and largest exporters of plywood to the US.


Technological Advancements and Market Expansion
Mingzhu's commitment to innovation and product quality was evident in their decision to purchase the first UV production line in Linyi in 2005. This move set them apart in the industry, as they became the only factory equipped to produce UV coating plywood. Technological advancements continued to be a driving force for the company.
In 2019, Mingzhu Wood Company undertook another significant step forward by upgrading its production sites. State-of-the-art equipment replaced older machinery, not only increasing production capacities but also enhancing the quality of their plywood products. This commitment to improvement became a hallmark of Mingzhu's operations.

20,000 Containers of Plywood and Global Reach
By the end of 2021, Mingzhu Wood Company had achieved an astounding milestone - they had produced and sold over 20,000 containers of various plywood products since their establishment. This staggering number underscored their position as a major player in the industry.
Mingzhu's reach extended beyond China's domestic markets. They established partnerships with renowned brands and buyers within China and expanded their footprint to international markets, including North America, Latin America, the EU, the Middle East, and North Africa. Their status as one of the earliest and largest exporters of plywood to the United States solidified their leadership in the plywood industry.

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