Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture of Mingzhu
I promised that I am a lofty employee of Mingzhu between the heaven and earth!
Heaven: with ambitious dream and lofty objective to achieve value beyond the ego, life and money as a life pursuit more important than personal interests!
Earth: Standing firmly on the earth, seizing every day of the life, well fulfilling every process in line with high standard and strict requirement, continuously improving our working behavior, striving for improvement day by day and achieving the best in everything!
Mingzhu mission: Make the customers satisfactory and the employees happy!
Mission declaration:
Provide the most value-added service and quality products to the customers!
Establish platform with the most growth and entrepreneurial spirit for the colleagues!
Provide investment environment with the most humanity and value for the shareholders!
Cultivate enterprise leaders with the most contribution and love for the society!
Mingzhu wish: Be the most influential industrial leader in global export!
Core value: Mission, commitment, focus, win-win success, gratefulness and love
Mission: What do I struggle for? Commitment: Who do I live for?
Focus: What goal will I achieve? Win-win success: Can I satisfy the other party?
Gratefulness: Why can I have a goal? Love: What is the meaning of my struggle?
Mingzhu style: Sticking to commitment, result-oriented and never to give up.
Operation philosophy: Contribute products of the highest quality to the customers!
Working philosophy: Hardworking than the most hardworking and diligent than the most diligent.
Teamwork philosophy:
Management philosophy:
Marketing philosophy: Promote products for true satisfaction of the customers rather than profits
Service philosophy: Consistent service quality and distinctive service mode!
Employment philosophy: Excellent talents are most preferential, and inferior employees most expensive!
Development philosophy: Individuals are subject to the collective as instruction principle, and the local is governed by the whole as core philosophy!
Growth philosophy: Having no unfair treatment but unfair ability, and having unfair ability but no unfair promotion!
Remuneration philosophy: Any remuneration shall be based on achievements on humiliation!
Promotion philosophy: Any promotion shall have successor or otherwise will be prohibited!
Quality philosophy: Quality relies on standard, and products on morality!
Brand philosophy: Quality highlights brand, service determines brand and culture creates brand!
Saving philosophy: Earn business income and save net profits!
Investment philosophy: Money will be invested in where strategy exists.
Expanding philosophy: Without communication and sharing, the truth will not shine!
Competition philosophy: It is the quickest competition to avoid competition; it is the best competition to eliminate competition!
Action philosophy: Be proactive for any thing or otherwise we will reap nothing!
Living philosophy: Continue the victorious pursuit in favorable conditions and work harder in adverse conditions!
Entrepreneurship philosophy: Life has no failure but early waiver!
Executive philosophy: No conditions, no excuses and no impossibility!

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